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Explore Olompali State Historic Park

June 15, 2018
Category: Things To Do in Novato CA

There has never been a more gorgeous place to visit in Marin County than the Olompali State Historic Park. For anyone visiting the area, this park provides a variety of activities, beautiful sights, and a rich history that is certain to make every visit to this park a trip worth remembering. Best known for overlooking the Petaluma River, providing a fantastic view of Mount Burdell, and an understanding of the Native American tribe that previously inhabited the land, the Olompali State Historic Park has to offer an abundance of opportunities for everyone visiting.

About the Olompali State Historic Park

The title of the park, Olompali, is derived from the Miwok language, and translate to “southern village” or “southern people.”  Expanding across 700 acres, the Olompali State Historic Park was inhabited by the Coast Miwok tribe as early as 6000 BC, until the 1850’s. There are a number of Coast Miwok artifacts found within the park that suggest the land might have even served as a trading route or crossroads with other tribes. “Kitchen Rock” is a very popular site to visit within the park, as it consists of a large boulder which served as a mortar, or a place where Native American women would grind acorns and seeds into flour for cooking. 

There are plenty of things to do while exploring the Olompali State Historic Park. Many who frequent the area enjoy hiking. Others partake in horseback riding, or lounging in the shaded picnicking areas. The native plant garden is also available to explore, as this area provides a look at a variety of flora indigenous to the area. There are currently plans in place to build several structures to provide an educational experience within the park concerning the Coast Miwok tribe. These structures will provide an understanding of how this tribe constructed various forms of housing, as well as other interesting facts. (hiking)

Located across from Basalt Creek, the Olompali State Historic Park is open from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. daily. There is an $8 parking fee for all guests, but annual passes into the park are also available. At the moment, the park is only able to accept cash for these fees. 

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