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Marin Museum of the American Indian

May 15, 2018
Category: Things To Do in Novato CA

About the Marin Museum of the American Indian

The Marin Museum of the American Indian is located in Novato, California. It is here that they offer different programs to elementary aged children and are able to show them in depth about the history and culture of Native Americans. The programs also fulfill credits for the children’s social studies classes that they are required to take according to the state of California. 

Other educational programs that the Marin Museum of the American Indian include traditional storytelling and songs by Natives, exhibitions that explore the traditional art forms, and a newer installment of the museum would be the lecture series for adults. 

The Marin Museum of the American Indian is open every Friday through Sunday from 12:30 pm until 4:30 pm. 

Anyone is able to apply for a membership to the Marin Museum of the American Indian, and with a membership come many benefits. Some of these benefits include free admission into the museum, a 10% discount for purchases within the museum, invitations to events being held, and much more. There are different levels of membership and each level comes at a different price than the last. The Student/Senior Membership costs $25, individual memberships cost $50, Family Memberships cost $75, Patron Memberships cost $100, Sponsor Memberships cost $200, and Benefactor Memberships cost $500.  The Marin Museum of the American Indian is a non -profit organization whose goal is to provide information and teachings of Native Americans and their histories. They happily take any amount that is given to them through donations, as it helps fund cultural programs, lecture series’, collection preservation, and much more.

About the Rickey’s Restaurant & Bar

Rickey’s Restaurant & Bar is the on-site bar and restaurant of Inn Marin and Suites. Rickey’s Restaurant & Bar specializes in classic American cuisine, where they use the freshest ingredients that are locally produced. Rickey’s Restaurant & Bar also offers a full bar where they serve cocktails every Tuesday through Sunday. Also featured at Rickey’s every Friday, Saturday, and Sunday evenings is live musical performances from local artists. 

About the Hotel

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