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Visit the Space Station Museum

August 15, 2018
Category: Things To Do in Novato CA

Novato is a quaint little city near San Francisco that is known for its coastal charm. This beautiful haven by the sea is home to many specular outdoor sites and exciting attractions. There is so much to experience within this city that it can be difficult to decide where to go first. We recommend visiting the Space Station Museum, where it’s practically guaranteed that your Novato vacation will be out of this world.

About the Space Station Museum

The Space Station Museum is a privately funded space exploration museum that is completely non-profit. Run wholly by devoted volunteers, this museum houses one of the most impressive private collections of space memorabilia. With artifacts from U.S., Russian and Soviet missions, it’s no wonder why this museum is such a popular place to visit in Novato, California.

The Space Station Museum is known for attracting legendary figures from space exploration projects as well, such as Dick Gordon, an Apollo 12 astronaut, and Al Worden, an Apollo 15 astronaut. Figures such as Bill Pullman, award-winning actor, and Will Wright, a video game designer, have also visited this museum as a result of its impressive collection.

The goal of this museum is simple: to stress the importance of educating the public on the importance of space travel, which many believe to be key in advancing societal growth and technology. The Space Station Museum is one of few of its kind in the Bay Area and strongly believes that there is a need for more like it to teach visitors about the history of space travel. By preserving this history, the Space Station Museum also focuses on the advancements of science and technology that allowed the United States to eventually reach outer space.

This museum also frequently hosts events throughout the year. The Space Station Museum is known for hosting Telescope Night events wherein the community will gather at a given location and be able to peer at the stars through a telescope provided by the museum, while also learning more about astronomy in its relation to interstellar travel. Often times various astronauts will be contacted for Skype interviews, allowing the public to have a direct conversation with people who have been in space personally. Lastly, the museum is renowned for hosting its annual Novato Space Festival, which can host up to 8,000 guests per year.

Located near the Loma Verde Preserve, the Space Station Museum is open from 6 p.m. to 8 p.m. on Friday, and from noon to 4 p.m. on Saturday and Sunday. Private tours can be booked during the weekdays. More information on how to book and private tour can be found here.

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