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Certified Green Hotel - Inn Marin

Inn Marin... Certified Green

Already a Bay Area Green Business designated by Marin County, Inn Marin received the State Certification at the Environmentalist Level for California’s Green Lodging Certification program in 2015 for the third time since 2008. This is the highest honor bestowed upon hotels after a rigorous inspection, which is administered by the State of California General Services Administration. This certification comes only months after Inn Marin completed its recent green renovation.

One of the most unique aspects of the refurbishment is that it is an “Organic Renovation,” in which Inn Marin made use of predominantly local, Bay Area vendors. Designed by Corte Madera-based Alexandra Ray of Five Senses Interiors, the compelling components of Inn Marin’s renovation and green policy are as follows:

  • Sustainable Bamboo – Floors in all guestrooms. Bamboo is an efficient carbon dioxide sequestering sink, converts 8 times more carbon dioxide to oxygen than trees and returns large quantities nitrogen to the soil. Its rapid growth insures soil stabilization.
  • Low VOC Paint – used in all guestrooms.
  • Cleaning Supplies – All rooms are cleaned with botanically based environmentally friendly cleaning products.
  • Laundry – All of our guest room linens are cleaned with botanical extract formulations which allow us to eliminate bleach, hot water and 3 rinse cycles saving energy and water as well as being an environmentally friendly product.
  • Recycled Paper – Toilet Paper and Paper Towels with 100% recycled content Organic.
  • Coffee – All coffee served in restaurant, banquets and lobby is organic, shade grown and/or Fair Trade.
  • Towels & Linen Re-use – Gives guests the opportunity to do their part to reduce energy, water and detergent required for daily washings.
  • Guest Amenities – EO Organic shampoo and conditioner in wall-mounted dispensers rather than individual bottles, reducing the amount of plastic going into landfills.
  • Water Conservation – Low Flow faucets, toilets and showers.
  • Recycling Containers – in Guest rooms, Meeting rooms and throughout public spaces with back of the house recycling of glass, bottles, paper, cardboard etc.
  • Energy Conservation – Energy Efficient CFL Fluorescent Light bulbs used in guestrooms, outdoor lighting either solar or on sensors. All computers are Energy Star Energy.
  • Conservation – Replaced all of our office lighting with LED bulbs.
  • Energy Conservation Guest Rooms – Installed infrared motion sensors on all of our AC/Heaters. They have preset high and low temperatures (which are recommended by PG&E) and the shut off the systems when guest leave the room for more than 15min. We are never heating or cooling an empty room.
  • Collateral – Printed on recycled paper.
  • Water for meetings – Filtered water served in ceramic multi-gallon container rather than individual plastic bottles. Filtered water available in public spaces.
  • Printers – Front Desk printer uses soy based ink. Copier set for two sided printing.

We recognize that being a green business is not a destination but a journey and we will continue to implement new green practices and improvements. Although we are small and don’t have much economic leverage, we are constantly challenging our suppliers to come up with greener products and systems.

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